Services Provided

At Crashtec, our highly trained and skilled professionals are able to  assist you in a variety of ways that are not just limited to "How fast  was that car going?" or "How did this crash happen?".  We are trained to  delve deep into each collision and find answers to most aspects of  the collision.  Here are some ways that we can assist you: 


Collision Reconstruction Investigations 

 Speed Calculations
            - slide to stop
            - vaults / falls
            - yaw
            - pedestrian/cyclist/motorcyclist throws
            - slides
            - commercial vehicle rollovers

            Crash Data Recorder (CDR) Downloads and Interpretations

            Dash Cam Videos

            Mathematical Reconstructions

            Seat Belt Examinations (including child seats)

            Lamp Examinations

            Tire Examinations

            Point of Impact

            Vehicle Dynamics

            Occupant Kinematics

            Commercial Vehicle Collisions (including rollovers)

            Determination of Crash Causation

             Vehicle Crush Damage Analysis

            Technical Vehicle Examinations to Determine Defects

            Traffic Crash Report Reviews

            Accident Scene Visit Including Roadway Analysis

            Computer Measured Drag Factors


Non Collision Reconstruction Services 


Expert Testimony in both Civil and Criminal Courts 

Criminal and Civil Litigation Support 

Expert Witness Services - obtaining witness statements 

Surveying of Scenes 

Providing Scaled Drawings

Photography & Video 

Investigation Services (Private Investigator) -slip and fall -work place injuries -insurance claims 



Risk Assessments 

Vehicle/Operator Safety Audits


Transport Management and Consultancy Services 

Traffic Studies -speed 

daytime/nighttime visibility 

-sun positions 


roadway engineering/signs/lighting