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Are you investigating a crash like this?  Need an expert to assist in getting the right answers? We are the experts that will help you through these complex and often difficult cases. Our dedicated team of experts have attended crashes similar to this.  Crashtec experts have attended close to  combined 10,000 collisions from low  speed impact collisions to fatalities.  This allows us to have an unfair advantage over engineers.  We have been to the scenes, collected evidence and provided expert testimony.  We are the professionals that have been  trained to attend a scene, locate evidence and interpret these markings to provide expert analysis and articulation of this data in a way that it is both easy to understand and defend in court.  As retired police officers we are 'On Scene' professionals that provide a different perspective that 'engineers'  can't.  Aside from the fact that we can interpret police files, we understand both the criminal and civil world,  statements, liability and how it pertains to the real world.   We are your best choice for forensic collision reconstruction that is factual, ethical and  truthful and the answers you  need.

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Crashtec Canada is pleased to announce a partnership with RoadScan Canada Inc  which combines vehicle cameras, gps telematics and forensic collision reconstruction support services.  Our cameras allow employers, employees and day to day drivers feel safer on the roads and provide the ability to capture video in case of a collision or confrontation.  Don't tell insurance what happened, SHOW THEM.

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