Lee Hamilton

Lee Hamilton, President / CEO of Crashtec Canada Inc.  Lee retired in November 2012, after 23 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police spending time in North Vancouver, Whistler and Kelowna.  During those 23 years, Lee spent 16 years in Traffic Sections that included the inaugural highway patrol position in Whistler.  Lee spent 11 years as a collision analyst in those 3 postings prior to being promoted and placed in charge of several sections within the Kelowna detachment.  

Lee has conducted investigations on vehicle dynamics, occupant kinematics, speed calculations (of various types), Crash Date Recorder downloads, pedestrian and cyclist collisions, seat belt and lamp examinations, Commercial Vehicle Rollovers and collisions, time/distance calculations, photography, surveyed scenes, scaled drawings and provided expert testimony in Criminal Court and testimony in Civil Court.  

Lee is a member of the Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists (CATAIR) and a member of S.A.E. International (The Society of Automotive Engineers).  Lee is also a Certified Driving Instructor for the RCMP along with being an instructor for Radar/Laser, Spike Belt and Emergency Vehicle Operation (for Police Officers, Dispatchers and Fire Officers) for the Province of British Columbia.  Lee is also a subject matter expert in Traffic Court in relation to the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations.  

Lee is an active member of his community as a head coach for high level teams in Kelowna Minor Hockey and  Kelowna Minor Baseball teams taking several teams to provincials.  

Lee is also the President and CEO of RoadScan Canada Inc. which offers sales and collision reconstruction services for Video Event Data Recorders and GPS Telematics.  For more information on this product, please refer to the Home Page of this website.

Curriculum Vitae of President and CEO for Crashtec Canada Accident Investigation Inc. - Lee Hamilton


23 years of experience in law enforcement - 16 years as a dedicated traffic officer - 11 years as a Collision Analyst

Investigated over 5,000 collisions from minor to serious in 23 years

Provided expert testimony in Criminal & Civil court in British Columbia

Subject Matter Expert in British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act

Subject Matter Expert for Radar & Laser Operation, Spike Belt Operator, Emergency Vehicle Operator, Testimony for Traffic Court
Driving Instructor for Police Officers

Available to provide analysis in the following areas:
-speed analysis
-point of impact
-time/distance collisions
-chain of events
-identification / interpretation of road marks
-line of sight collisions
-vaults / falls
-pedestrian collisions
-cyclist collisions
-motorcycle collisions
-lamp examinations
-seat belt use
-tire failure
-occupant kinematics (who was sitting where and how did they move)
-child seat technician
-air brake inspector
-crash data recorder retrieval system operator (CDR/ACM)
-statement analysis
-obtain witness statements
-review police files for elements of offense / liability


Traffic Accident Investigation Level I, Vancouver, November 1991
Traffic Accident Investigation Level II, RCMP, Vancouver, Technical Collision
Advanced Collision Analyst Course, RCMP, Canadian Police College, Ottawa,  April 1997
Collision Reconstruction Level IV, Northwestern University, Chicago, April 2013
Radar Speed Operators Course, Coquitlam, January 1992
Air Brake Inspectors Course, Surrey, May 1993
Investigation, November 1994
Survey Principles and Techniques, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby,  July 1998
Pedestrian / Cyclist Accident Seminar, RCMP, Vancouver, October 1998
Commercial Vehicle Rollover Course, RCMP, Kamloops, October 1998
Emergency Vehicle Operators Instructors Course, Justice Institute, New Westminster, September 1999
Advanced Driver Training Instructors Course, Boundary Bay Airport, May 2000
Laser Instructor, Whistler, June 2000
Spike Belt Instructors Course, Boundary Bay Airport, September 2000
BAC Datamaster Qualified Technician Course, Vancouver, September 2000
Pedestrian Collision Reconstructionist Course, Vancouver, December 2000
Radar Operator Instructors Course, Whistler, February 2001
Vetronix Crash Data Retrieval System Course, University of British Columbia, August 2001
National Highway Transport Safety Act Standardized Child Passenger Safety Training Program, Coquitlam, December 2001
Visual Statements Course, Chilliwack, October 2003
Crash Data Retrieval System Operators Certification Course, Chilliwack, April 2004
Major Crime Investigation Techniques Course, Chilliwack, April 2009
Emergency Scene Traffic Control Course, Chilliwack, November 2009


Skid testing/coefficient of friction - April 1997
Commercial Vehicle Rollover - 1999
Pedestrian Collisions - 2000
Spike Belt and how tires deflate - 2000
Vaults - 2001
Coefficient of friction on ice - 2004


Alcometer S-L2 Operators Course, North Vancouver 1991
Leadership Training, Vancouver, March 1993
Police Investigators Course, Vancouver, May 1993
Small Boat Operators Course, May 1995
School Liaison Course, June 1995
Standardized Field Sobriety Test Course, 1997
Stephen Covey Course, January 2000
Operation Pipeline Course (Drug trafficking), 2001
Interview Course, February 2001
Interactive Leadership Course, June 2004
Alcosensor (Road side screening devices), 2004
DNA Course, May 2004
Managing Safely, September 2006
Police Supervisors Course, October 2006
Domestic Violence Investigators Course, 2010


Shift Supervisor (Cpl), Traffic Services, Kelowna RCMP, 2009 - 2012
NCO i/c Domestic Violence Unit, Kelowna RCMP, 2008-2009
NCO i/c Downtown Enforcement Unit, Kelowna RCMP 2006 - 2008
Supervisor (Cpl), General Duty Policing, Kelowna RCMP 2006
Collision Analyst Supervisor, Kelowna, 2004
Patrol Officer, Traffic Services, Kelowna, 2002 - 2006
Patrol Officer, Traffic Services, Whistler, 1998 - 2002
Patrol Officer, Traffic Services, North Vancouver, 1996 - 1998
Patrol Officer, School Liaison, North Vancouver, 1994 - 1996
Patrol Officer, General Duty, North Vancouver, 1990 - 1994
RCMP Training, Regina, 1989 -1990


CATAIR - Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists since 2012
S.A.E. - Society of Automotive Engineers member since 2012

IPA - International Police Association since 2014


Hired as Head Coach for Midget Tier 1 Hockey, Kelowna Minor Hockey, 2015/2016 until 2018
Head Coach for Hockey, Kelowna Minor Hockey Association, 2006 to present
Head Coach for Baseball, Rutland Minor Baseball Association, 2005 to present
Director of Peewee Baseball, Rutland Minor Baseball Association, 2012 - 2013
Umpire in Chief, Rutland Minor Baseball Association, 2012-2013
Director of Bantam Baseball, Kelowna Minor Baseball Association, 2014

Andrew CRAIG

 Curriculum Vitae of Andrew Craig  lcgi, MITAI, MIMI, MIMECHE, cae, eng tech

-Forensic accident investigation and vehicle examination training and application over a 23 year period
-Analysis and interpretation of information gathered from road traffic accidents and/or incident scenes, the parties and vehicles involved and witnesses to accidents and/or incidents
-Technical examination of vehicles and the inspection / audit of commercial vehicle fleet operations
-Accident investigation / reconstruction, technical vehicle examination, vehicle safety audits and tachograph analysis for tour operators and insurance companies in 20+ countries worldwide
-Accident reconstruction cases involving occupant positioning, seat belt usage analysis, speed determination, time/distance studies, point of impact placement and computer-aided reconstruction
-Accident investigations involving detailed witness interviews and the taking of extremely detailed witness statements
-Investigations of vehicular accident causes relating to mechanical malfunctions / component failures
-Motor vehicle/pedestrian collision analysis
-Site surveying and preparation of video animation of motor vehicle accidents
-Preparation of three dimensional motor vehicle collision simulations
-Commercial Transport Management & Operations (both passenger & freight operations).
-Appointed by DFF International Ltd. UK to provide Road Traffic Collision Investigation and Post -Accident Vehicle Examination for the United Nations subject to Contract PD/CO235/05, on a 24 hour per day, 365 day per year international call out basis
-Expert witness experience
-Investigated and reported on a large number of cases and  recognised as an expert by the Judiciary throughout the United Kingdom (including the Central Criminal Court, London – The Old Bailey) and also in the USA and France
-Expert witness testimony presented in criminal, civil and coroners courts at all levels on many occasions
-Qualified as a motor vehicle accident reconstruction expert witness in the Supreme Court of British Columbia  
-Single Joint Expert Witness May  1999 - The Law Society, London, UK,
(Training to permit joint appointment by lawyers acting for both parties in a dispute to investigate and report to the Court)

Academic Background
-Successfully completed Standard & Advanced Accident Investigation / Reconstruction training at No. 6 Region Police Training School, Wiltshire, UK.  
-Successfully completed the full day City & Guilds of London Institute (UK) accreditation examination designed to qualify experienced accident investigators / reconstructionists and awarded the City & -Guilds of London Institute Certificate in Road Accident Investigation.  
-Awarded Licentiateship of the City & Guilds of London Institute (LCGI) a UK foundation degree level qualification
-Successfully completed a BTEC Higher National Certificate course, including lectures, practical exercises and examination components to qualify as a Traffic Vehicle Examiner and awarded the -Higher National Certificate  
-Certificated Automotive Engineer (CAE)
-Qualified as an Engineering Technician -Engineering Council UK (Eng Tech)
-Successfully completed UK Government approved CRFP accreditation procedure for expert witnesses and awarded certificates of accreditation in two separate disciplines (RFP):-
-Specialty Road Transport Investigation (Collision Investigation) - revalidated January 2009
-Specialty Road Transport Investigation (Vehicle Examination) - revalidated January 2009
-Elected Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (MIMechE)  
-Various international conferences seminars, training courses and lectures

Professional Work Experience
Semi retired - 2012
CEO of Wayman Accident Investigation Inc. dba Crashtec Canada - 2010
CEO of Wayman Accident Investigation Inc. dba Crashteams BC - 2008
Director of Wayman Consultancy Ltd., United Kingdom - 2007
Partner in Wayman Consultancy, United Kingdom - 2002
Managing Director of AC Consulting (Bridport) Ltd., UK - 1999
Senior Accident Investigator, Dorset Police AI Unit, UK - 1995
Specialist Accident Investigator, Dorset Police, UK - 1990
Specialist Traffic Patrol Officer, Dorset, UK - 1987
Patrol Officer, Dorset Police, UK - 1977
Police Officer, Sussex Police, UK - 1973

Testing personally Performed:
-Vehicle skid testing, including light passenger and heavy commercial vehicles
-‘Critical speed’ vehicle testing with correctly and incorrectly inflated tires.  
-Motorcycle slide testing to determine pre-loss of control speed
-Vehicle brake testing, including light passenger and heavy commercial vehicles using Vericom -VC3000 & other accelerometers
-Testing of vehicles with partially disabled foundation braking systems and partially disabled anti-lock braking systems
-Vehicle slide testing to determine initial velocity, including vehicles dropped from a wrecker using exploding release bolts to simulate overturning vehicles and vehicles sliding on their roof
-Bicycle brake performance testing to establish the force required to raise the rear wheel in accident scenarios and front / rear wheel braking efficiencies
-Vehicle acceleration and performance testing, including light passenger and heavy commercial vehicles
-Testing to determine the causes of “wrong footing” and unintended acceleration by drivers of vehicles fitted with automatic transmissions
-Testing to determine the areas that are invisible to drivers of large commercial vehicles
-Testing to determine speed from pedestrian projection post vehicle contact, including tests with dummies clothed in various materials
-Pedestrian walking / running speed assessment
-Testing to determine the time taken by drivers to scan left, right and 180 degrees at busy intersections
-Motorcycle and pedestrian conspicuity testing in daylight and during the hours of darkness
-Longitudinal & lateral acceleration rates of vehicles accelerating from rest and turning at intersections
-Testing to determine driver cognizance of collisions due to sound generated during pedestrian impacts

-Author of articles in Contact magazine, a UK publication, including articles on Single Vehicle Type -Approval, Pre-Trial Disclosure of Technical Evidence, the functions of the UK Parliamentary -Advisory Council for Transportation Safety and the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval system and training
-Author of an Article in Impact, the journal of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators, on various vehicle testing performed during a series of tests at a field day organized by Mr. Andrew Craig and Mr. Len Wayman for the ITAI during 1998.  Mr. Craig and Mr. Wayman also designed, arranged and conducted the tests
-Contributing author to Crashteams Inc; “Litigator’s Guide to Crash Reconstruction”, May 2008
-Author of an article in Impact, the journal of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators, Spring 2010 edition, Volume 18, No. 1, “Vehicle Acceleration Rates from Rest when Cornering at Intersections”.

ADDITIONAL experience:
Roadside & Evidential Alcohol Testing – since January 1975
Hand Held Speed Detection Equipment Operation – since March 1987 (radar and laser devices)
In Vehicle Speed Detection System Operation – since  August 1987 (Including VASCAR, Police Pilot & Speed Marshall)
Class 1 Police Advanced Car Driving – since May 1988
In Car Video Systems - since Summer 1990
HGV Class 1 Driving (LGV, C + E) – since July 1992
(Commercial Heavy Goods Vehicles – all classes)
PSV Class 1 Driving (PCV, D + E) – since September 1992
(Commercial Passenger Carrying Vehicles – all classes)
Certificate of Professional Competence (UK Commercial Transport Management Qualification) -
Module A (Core) – June 1994
Module B (National Freight Transport Operations) – June 1994
Module C (National Passenger Transport Operations) – December 1994
Forensic Vehicle Criminology – September 1993, Metropolitan Police, London, UK.  (Examination & Identification of Stolen Vehicles & Plant)
Computerised Total Station Surveying Systems  - Since Nov/1994 (Survey operation & software applications [Sokkia, Top Con and South Survey]
Land Survey Systems & other proprietary surveying software systems operation - since October 1994
Vehicle Crush Damage Analysis to determine impact speeds from collision damage–  since March 1997
Computer Aided Design / Draughting – since June 1997
(AutoCad, City & Guilds of London Institute Certificate)
HOSTYDS Operation (Hollow spike tyre deflation systems) – since 1997
Forensic Tachograph Analysis, Calibration & Law – since October 1990 (City & Guilds of London Inst. Cert. Level 2 – June 1998)
Computerised Collision Animation Software – since January 2000
Digital Photography Course  ITAI, UK – June 2007
Bosch / Vetronix Crash Data Retrieval Course – Qualified as both Technician and Analyst  – March 2008, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Visual Statement Basic /Advanced Computer Diagramming & Animation Course – April 2008, Tigard, Oregon, USA
“Human Factors in Traffic Crashes” Course instructed by Jeffrey W. Muttart,
October 2008, Criminal Justice Training Centre, Seattle, WA., U.S.A
Crash Zone Computer Diagramming & Animation Course, December 2008 ,Kelowna BC.  
ARAS360 3D diagramming, animation and collision simulation software application – Instructor training,       September 2010, Kamloops, BC.  

Professional Associations
Member of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (MITAI)
March 1990 - Joined ITAI as an Affiliate member
Sept. 1995 – successful application after assessment of sample reports by grades assessment committee for transfer to full membership
1997 – 2001 - ITAI Area Representative [Southern England]
2004 - 2007 - member of ITAI Council of Management  
2005 –2007-  ITAI liaison officer to PACTS [UK Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transportation Safety]
2006 –2007, Member of the Rail Safety working party of PACTS  
Member of the Institute of the Motor Industry (MIMI)
Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (MIMechE